by Lawine

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    The anarchist library in Nijmegen (NL) is formed in 2012 as a further
    enhancement of our anarchist infrastructure. Our aim is to contribute
    with this to the possibility for people to educate themselves on radical
    theory, the system we live in and the understanding of social problems
    around us. This is next to the more active sections of our struggle
    which aim to directly struggle against these problems and forward the
    struggle for a free and just society.
    People can borrow books for a small garantee and membership is free
    altough donations are welcome. For an overview of the books we have and pics of the place see the following link:
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Recorded/Mixed/Mastered in Amsterdam with our friend Beau.

Artwork will be from our friend Helena

These People will help releasing and distributing the record.
Contrazst records -
Panda Banda -
Dzsukhell -
Shitpiece -
Music For Liberation -
Prejudice Me -


released January 30, 2013




Lawine Nijmegen, Netherlands

Lawine is a band, we make alot of noise and like hardcore and punk

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Track Name: Dreams Asleep
What do you expect? When you ask me to put my dreams asleep? To drink my boiling blood and eat my children’s flesh?
It’s about time that we put the waiting on hold. I call for every living romantic to give up on their fucking love.
Let it all go. Let it all slip away. I have no patience for small talk liars and cold hearted sympathies.
Do. Or don’t.
But don’t fucking touch the last sense of compassion. I’m so fucking sick of these talks…
Track Name: Within Reach
The whole world within reach, yet I barely know my neighbor
Eye to eye contact becomes outdated.

The whole world within reach, but I never felt so lonely
Disempowered to the point of grave cynicism

The whole world within reach, a fraying of social bonds
The whole world within reach, an erosion of solidarity.

A great loss of a sense
of accountability and/or responsibility.
The fucking world within reach the gallows rope around the neck of…

that very same world.

The whole world out of touch…
Track Name: Hope
Today I’ve lost every last breath of hope. I coughed it up, spat it out. And it left me shaking with emptiness at first.
Anger fights it way up, pushes everything aside. Questions are replaced by demands.
Relief and fear got a hold of me. “What to do next? What to do now?” are burning questions I’m not willing (and able) to answer (yet).
Anger fights it way up, pushes everything aside. Questions are replaced by demands.
Of how hope always pushed me down. Of how hope strangled today’s actions and promised vague futures. Of how hope traded all weapons for sorry excuses.
Hopelessly I reclaim my dreams, my control.
Today, I hope not. I do.
Track Name: I Walk Away
I walk away, from a question I never asked
From an option I never wanted.
From a choice that is no choice.

In your eyes, I walk away
A red pencil, a piece of paper and choice to make
Between suit and tie hoodlums and greedy thiefs
“You can count on me, put your trust in me”

In your eyes, I walk away
From the biggest circus coming through town
All dressed up, ready for the show
Balloons, word acrobats and the essential clowns

(Thank you) for fucking nothing
We’ll be just fine, we’ll be okay, we’ll be just fine, we’ll be okay
Oh, if I could only burn it down and walk away
Track Name: Doing Nothing
Doing nothing was not an option, doing nothing is not an option
After knowing what she knows now, there is no turning back
She realizes. (In that sense it is out of her control)

She’s never been much of a hero
She’s never been outspoken
Biting her nails, biting her bottomlip staring at the ground
She has made her decision.

She checks everything one more time,
Skipping no detail, looking at the plan one last time

Focused and full of adrenaline
Nervous and always uncertain
She says her old life goodbye
And runs into the night

The fence is cut
Run, run, run run and keep listening
Keep eyes open and keep silent
Everything in place, one last check
The job is done. And she runs into night…
Track Name: Not A Plea For Generosity
When the vulnerable are abused (raped/beaten) and killed
and we comprehend the wrong that is done
To act, to intervene, to defend the victim is not a plea for generosity
To demand justice becomes a duty

We will not limit our goal to reform
No easy way out, nor soften the blow

Like us, they are in this world
Like us, they are aware of this world
Like us, they are aware of what happens to them
And like us, they care of what happens to them

Nothing short of victory is a satisfying end
—an end defined as a revolutionary change
in the roots of oppression1.

Empty cages are the least of our demands