Lawine '15

by Lawine

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We recorded this in a studio in the far north of the Netherlands with MIlan who runs The SIng Sing studios..

We mastered it ourselves
We made the photo
We made the sleeve

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released February 17, 2015




Lawine Nijmegen, Netherlands

Lawine is a band, we make alot of noise and like hardcore and punk

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Track Name: 1. She
Because many times I felt used, consumed, manipulated, pushed down, pulled across,
reinvented for somebody else's purpose
created for somebody else's plans
Because what I thought suits me didn't matter
my own wasn't in my hands
Because of you
Because I thought I recovered
instead there is no end
but there is her

Because still, I'm writing across my body : “In her kiss I taste the revolution”
Because I'm sick of your ways which are made to make me stumble
Because I can handle no more friends saying to chill the fuck down
Because I had enough of defending, explaining, figuring it out, proving, arguing, fighting for the
simplest things
I know and I stand tall thanks to her

She can be anyone who makes you think: I wish, I want, I can and I will
She is anyone who inspires you to enjoy your existence
She says you are amazing because you might need to hear it

Because I'm sick of your lies and patronizing claims that you understand
Because you don't... exist for me anymore
She does
Track Name: 2. Dreams of failed revolution
Revise life
Alter the reality
You say you believe in natural order
So will I when I say that it was just an instinct to blow your mind
Where even dreams are out of reach
I'll poke through your initial self
Assault you with re­creating the patterns of your mind
Live and lie, but this time I'll be aware that you do
A funny puppet on a fair, a storyteller of “how the capitalists could've killed the world”
You'll live in a conspiracy theory and everyone will laugh
in disbelief
like powder sugar to your fingers ridicule will stick to your name
I will be in the shadow
hidden but not alone
because behind every tree a grin smile will shine
we maybe didn't win but we made your values die
Track Name: 3. Breaking Circles
Tactic, attack, defend, demand
Pull away, wait, patience, attack

When demands become a habit
How to retreat when the answer is no
How not to feel defeated
Wish for the last hit to be yours

Tactic, attack, defend, demand
I'm not a part of your puzzle
Pull away, wait, patience, attack
My edges are sharper than you are used to
Recover, forget, do it again
You will not conform me
Don't force me to enjoy to always try my best
I oppose your rules, I start a new game

Suspecting, ignoring, rivaling, humiliating
I want to isolate from compassion eating monster
Recover, forget, do it again
You will not conform me
Believe you enjoy, you are doing your best
On purpose I fail the test of indurance
Pull away, wait, patience, attack
I've learned a lesson
With me you fail because somewhere on the way
You fortuitously taught me how to resist
Track Name: 4. Animal
I am not a martyr
I am one of them
I am an animal
And my blood is on your hands
Tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me...
For one fucking moment be honest
i dare you to spit it out
Tell me tell me tell me tell me
whisper it into my ears
If I look at you in the eyes
and in mine you recognize fear
Would you still stab the knife into my guts
Would you see me bleeding and push the knife deeper
drag the blade lower
While I fall on my knees and wrap my hands around your waist
Would you still be eager to feast on those guts and lifeless meat
Because I am an animal
Acknowledge that as my last wish
Would you do that for me
Could you just do that for me
Because you are an animal
and your blood is on your hands
And when you cut me feel the guilt
And when you eat me taste the shame
And when you sleep hear the scream
that carries the silence of millions unheard ones
Track Name: 5. Not yours
Is it so precious
Your little place your imaginary pedestal
Your narcissist collection
Of lies from the past and fucked up tradition
To claim you must protect it
From the hungry eyes of the ones
Who only want what is yours?

Are you so satisfied with your own life
To have a conviction that someone would give up
Everything they they are
Just to steal your I's and have's?

Do you really believe that these ones
Are ready to stand the pain of constraint
In order to see the same shit
That you do from a day to day

Those are empty stories
For which you think that they make you
Histories for beginners
That collect the old dust
Those are clouds of fog
you hold in your hands yet you kill for them
Those are illusions of self-worth
That wrapped your heart and your mind

Chocking last piece of decency left
When for a second you dared to think
Maybe someone
Just maybe sometimes
Wants a life
Not yours
Not mine
Just theirs
With no constant doubt of how long will it last

your country your continent your laws your morals your dogmas your history
your nation your monopoly your property your everything
fuck everything that is yours
not everything not yours
Track Name: 6. 42
Is the only thing which we have to fear
the one that we will die in poverty?
In a lack of what exactly?​​

Fear of conflicts
Substitutes instinct and honesty
Rat race to achieve safety
an abstract term
For mass controlled society

Compromised freedom
Conditioned by danger of prisons
Are the bars what we are really afraid of
or failure to own life expectations?

Fighting to live or to survive?
The only progress – progress of alienation

Concepts and ideals motivate us
The same systems are used against us
Educated to be cautious
Danger is everywhere
Salvation is offered
Instant and prepackaged for us to consume it
In general interest of society

Welcome to survival
Living is prohibited!

How dare you to dare?
Be shameful of your selfishness
There are many worse things in this world
We do not talk about them!
Track Name: 7. Kill your darlings
Selfish egocentrics
Manic paranoids
Obsessive compulsive destroyers
Pathological liars
Diagnosed commons
Convinced that the world is there for us to conquer it
At our disposal
to pluck it and take it
create it and kill it

Selfish egocentrics
Manic paranoics
Obsessive compulsive destroyers
Pathological liars
The drugs won't heal it
Guilt consciousness appears
tucked in a suit of fear of super-natural, unexplainable, stronger than us

It won't be god, ghosts or aliens
A hand of wrath is ours!
We want to be watched, want to be threatened
We want someone else to blame for our shit
We are afraid of revenge
so we keep on taming
We are afraid of revenge
so we keep on killing
We fuck everything up in order to hide
turn the head and deny
sit in the corner in despair and cry
It hurts me so much to keep failing in front of you
because it hurts me so much to see them constantly loosing
Think about it!
Would you like to beg for life?
Be created only for physical contribution
Only for your flesh, for your labour
Are you?
If you had a choice, would you?

Selfish egocentrics
Manic paranoics
Obsessive compulsive destroyers
Pathological liars
Track Name: 8. Just a question
Who are are you?
What am I?
No, who are you!
I'm not saying
What do you do?
I think, how much I hate you all
Watch your mouth
What's the punishment
You don't want to know
I might as well
You have to wait
It's no worth, bye
You are not allowed
To do what?
Go away free
No time to waste, give it to me
What? Freedom?
It's not given, it's taken
What do you want?
You to disappear
That's not possible
Who are you to claim that
Man of honour and justice
Mean corruption and disgrace
Don't smart ass me
I will cause it's easy
I'm calling back-up
More idiots to bare
This is the last warning
Don't be so tensed
Am I a threat?
To you?
I'm warning you

The ending argument in any discussion
advantage of 'legitimate' violence
unconscious, your mouth are shut
appearing like you have nothing to say
When you wake up, stand up, fight back
the only cause of pain
is having not done anything to stop them